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I must admit that I didn't expect much from this project...

But I was very surprised to find an unusual concept, interesting and funny characters and really beautiful art.
I do believe the final result will be more than wow...
Looking forward to see this.

Alright so i made a acc just to comment this, bc i called the MC Monika and it said "Doki Doki" which i think was really cool to add!


KAJDHAKSFHK all these boys are perfect and absolute gold. I cant wait until the game is finished sksksks (if you guys end up doing so) this is one of the better dating sims.

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i would let blood god murder me again any day. the mc's reaction was really similar to mine when i first saw blood god. if my god looked like that, i would worship him every single second of my life.

the barista (or something? the dude who gives u cake) was also such a cutie ugh. i can't have enough of this game tbh.


This game is too good to stay in VN Purgatory.
I hope they still plan on coming back to it.


I love the game! It's really fun and I can't wait for its final release! BG is best <3

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I'm not sure if this project is still active and thus whether posting a comment is just me shouting into the void, but I (finally) played the demo and figured eh, why not?

+ The art is amazing, not just the character art but the backgrounds as well. I loved the spider lilies in the Blood God's... lair?
+ The humor is genuinely funny, including the more subtle bits like the literally-just-born MC not knowing anything about the butler cafe (or, indeed, social interaction) or the MC pitying Lucifine for living in a junkyard.
+ Non-humor writing is also really good, particularly in the descriptions of the MC gaining consciousness and of the town; I'm looking forward to seeing more of it since the demo was mostly humorous.
+ Characters are immediately distinct and spark interest in interacting with them more.
? Is the MC gender-neutral? I'm cool if that's the case, it's not necessary to specify male/female/etc especially considering the MC is a newly-formed... homunculus?
* At first I thought it was some kind of Warhammer 40K parody game and a part of me is still mildly disappointed that it isn't.
+ Lucifine best boy


hi! so i actually follow the artist (or one of the artists, i know next to nothing about this game) but basically it's been on hiatus for three years, according to them. apparently, their team got busy after they (the artist) started pharmacy school and another member of the team started grad school. but they fully intend to complete it! here's the link to the post that says all this:  

(sorry if it's weird that i answered, but i wasn't sure if crimson-chains was going to answer and i had the answer so why not help)


No no, I appreciate it! I figured it was on hiatus but it's good to know that there's still plans to finish it someday; I'll be following the tumblr just in case. Thanks again for being so helpful!

hi i might just be a lil dumb but this game looks great n im tryna open it on my mac n i cant,,,


Hold Control and right click on the game then choose 'Show Package Contents'.
Then enter the contents folder > MacOS  folder
Then double click on Blood_for_the_Blood_God_Demo and it ought to pop up a notepad with a url (don't copy it) and the window for the game should launch moments after the notepad. that's how I got mine working.


By the way I forgot to mention....I am a developer too! Or will be soon first game is just about complete...but still requires some work.....just check my page.. I will soon finish it and release itπŸ‘πŸ‘I am working on it....πŸ˜„

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First: The Hot Damn Blood God & second: or was it lucifine? Samething I guessπŸ˜…, third:bezel*babe* πŸ˜‰ and you already know the last one😝 I like them all!!!! I wish I can steal them and put them all in my pocket~πŸ™†πŸ˜‰

When this Amazing game will be finished? Cuz I Love that Hot Blood GOD!!!!!!πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ˜†

whos your fave?

I like them All!!!!!!!!! But the Hot Damn blood god Is the bestest best!!!!!!πŸ˜‰

This game - I LOVE IT!!!!! It's amazing!!!

Also I think I have a crush on the Blood God, oops.

When will the final game be released?


I LOVE THE BLOOD GOD! i think that was the strangest thing I've ever wrote but goddammit all he's absolutely perfect


i got conflicted emotions first than anything when he saw me eating the cake on the last screenshot it was so cute that he was scared


Is this game still in the works? I'm aware you said it was on haitus but it's been around a year since the last confirmation so I was just curious if that was still the case.  I'm super interested in this game.


is this a BL game?

The MC is actually gender neutral since it never mentions their gender.

but mc's side pictures always so as female??????????????????

I never thought she looked female.


Did it? o.O

idk if i should make a dating sim. Should I???

yes then send it to me bet you'll make a great one

about to start writing country blues songs about how long we've been waiting ;"0

LOL can i hear one?





I can not wait for it! It looks so good.


super cute

I'm super looking forward to this game! The concept caught me interest right away, the art is incredible, the MC is hilarious and I love everyone. I enjoyed the demo so much -- good luck with production, I cannot wait for the full release of the game!!

This game sounds interesting, but I have to admit I'm a little disappointed it's not Warhammer 40k based, given the title.

I went to the prefundia webpage and was going to fund the game but alas I see no option for it. Is that currently not available anymore?

Also will you be listing this on Steam? I got a laugh out of it and the world needs more of that and would like to encourage it.

Thank you for your time and the game!

Characters' design is astounding ( I am so glad that you chose the MC as androgynous :'D ), and the storytelling is much hillarious for a demo xD

What intrigues me to wait the full version release is the background stories for the demons and your way/intepretation to their original nature. How unexpected that Lucifer's/Lucifine's concept of Pride leads him being a fussy boy who thinks he knows every d*mn things in the world but reign in junk yard?? And how sad that Gluttony of Beelzebub/Beelzebabe dooms his cooking/baking to poisonous meal...

But then, I am a bit confused about Asstaroth origins... is he based on Astaroth, or is he the Asmodeus of Lust sin because of his innocence- flirty - sexy butt  appearance?

And how will the mission affect to Master-Servant relations between MC and Blood God? o.O

That will keep me allert for it release ;)

soooo is this project still on going

On Hiatus
All members have gotten busy with grad school

It's all good. i work with thousand year old bones that can't go anywhere so i forget that other study work piles up :'D

I CANT WAIT UNTIL THIS IS FINISHED. PLEASE DONT GIVE UP ON IT. I believe in you and I will wait however long it takes! Dumpster boy has stolen my heart I need to meet the boss.

I'm super looking forward to this game! The concept caught me interest right away, the art is incredible, the MC is hilarious and I love everyone. I enjoyed the demo so much -- good luck with production, I cannot wait for the full release of the game!!

I agree with you so much! I love the artwork, characters, and how the creator's personality is woven into the narration ^^

This game is hilarious and I love it! I can't wait until the full version comes out. For some reason, the sense of humor reminds me a lot of Kusoge if anyone knows that game... And Beelzebabe is so cute*** SPOILER-*** I don't even care if he poisoned me I'm all in.

This demo is wonderful!!! I cant wait for the full version!

Oml the dumpster baby is so hot.


This game  is hot af. Like for real, I'm dying from a heatstroke just by looking at the character designs. The only problem I have is that there Isn't a route for the Blood King.  Yes, the other characters are attractive to the point where it makes no sense, but I came here to get some Blood King booty.  Like, HAVE YOU SEEN THOSE GLORIOUS EYES? He's my one and only boo. Right next to all the other boos.

This is truly an inspiration to anyone who has ever, will ever, or is making a dating sim. Bless your soul.

This is truly an inspiration to anyone who has ever, will ever, or is making a dating sim. Bless your soul.

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so been waiting since last year ;0 are you still working on it or has it been cancelled? just concerned i might grow old and die before it's released

Hey hey ^^;;
I'd say it's on hiatus at the moment unfortunately >_>
But I'm in pharmacy school and working, so that's taking a lot of time @_@
And the other two writers are occupied as well, so things have come to a stand still unfortunately ;;;

ai sad part about adulting T^T so much stuff to be done. I'm studying anthropology and ancient cultures.fortunately our subject aint no snitch so he doesn't tell anyone about my browsing sessions

btw are there any games out there with a similar theme?? to occupy the wait lol


I can see you've been working on the story since I last read it. I like the new costumes, but I hope you make sure that they're consistently shown throughout the scenes by the time you release it. However, I think I prefered the Blood God in the robe over the school uniform. I mean, he looks hot either way, but the robe just seems a little more appropriate when you first meet him. I still want to see the school uniform though - just later on in the game if he happens to come down to the human world to greet you.

Sorry if I am offending you by saying this. I still love the story and am looking forward to seeing more, but that one costume I'd prefer switched back for at least the first scene of the story. The rest are awesome as they are. Thank you for listening and good luck with everything.


Hello hello! :D
Thanks for playing again and for the feedback OuO
The costumes are actually just a fun little thing that have nothing to do with the stories or anything, they just exist for the player to turn on and off at will depending on if they want to see the characters look different or not :3
In the full game in fact, they will not be available to all players, but only those who gave a certain amount of money to our kickstarter (which will not be up until I'm sure the game will be released within 3 months of starting it)

and no offense taken at all, always happy to receive feedback!!! >u<
Thanks again for your support!~~~~

Hey! I loved this demo, and as you can see (I know you can't I was just joking), my favorite character in the game so far is Lucifine (Lucifine as in that fine body DAYUM) ~ The game first appeared to me as cute and simple and I thought "oh, another one of those supernatural and horror vns where you can romance monsters"... I was never so wrong in my entire life. I made an account specifically to comment on this, and I was wondering, will the full game be free (if not, could you provide an estimate for the price)? I would love to purchase this as long as the price is at a reasonable range~ Please continue working hard on this; I can't wait for the full release!


I'm super flattered that you like the game so much you even made an account ;A;
Happy that it was able to exceed your expectations! ;w;
An the game will not be free, but, I'm hoping to sell it at 5 dollars which I hope sounds reasonable o3o
However, all the members working on this game, including myself, as extremely busy ;;
thanks so much for giving it a chance ;w;

Asstaroth. I'm dead XD

loved the art, but the text font wasn't the best choice in my opinion. But maybe you'll change it in the full game? Anyway, good job ;D

he got dat ass!!! XD

Okay, thanks for the feedback! :D
It's definitely still a work in progress, so, happy to make changes ^w^
I'm really bad with font stuff, do you have any suggestions for what the font should be? :D
Thanks for playing!!! OuO


I swear i've been waiting for the full release for so long that i'm tempted to hold u hostage until you give us the full game :|

Never before was a "Report" button so appropriate. But I feel your feels too :))

hahaha woah now. if i was planning on kidnapping someone, do you really think i'd put it in the comments? x'D and if i did, the game would never be finished :O

It would though. You could basically reenact "Misery"

I know, sorry ^^;;;
All members are currently busy at the moment with school and work!
I'm hoping to be able to get a lot of it done once summer comes around! :D

errrmmm when is your summer? xD ours is still in full swing. it starts in december and ends in june

Sorry!! ^^;;
Our summer is from about May to August XD
SO, another month or so before I can start working on the game more ^^;

The game has good promise. The characters have decent personality and depth, the style is on point (like quite frankly is quite beautiful), and the the playable character is fairly believable (also I love the the cute puny names). Here are some weak points that I think need to be hammered out: 1) sound/music; there is too much dead air time, and the sounds and music that are playing are on seem at points not to match the scence, and have a annoying loop; 2) while believe and having fun personalities, the characters are a little flat, and could use a more rounding out; 3) and overall broadening of the storyline which would obviously be done for a full release.

Thanks thanks! :D
Happy you enjoy the dumb puns and think the art is good ^w^
1) It's because I got all the music from free sites ^^;;; This should be easily solved for the actual game since I have a budget for music and someone who will compose music for this game :D
2) I think that will be solved mostly as you play through their actual routes and get to know them :O
Lucifine is a little puppy at times, Beelzebabe has a very sweet side, and Asstaroth is...well...UNIQUE
There are interesting things to to come for sure with them! :D
3) Yus, there's lot of things to expect in the full game ^w^
each route is very unique, as each bachelor has vastly different lives and goals :3

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