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Yo this game dead asf but I still wish to make a fanfic on dat ass

Edit: Yo I did it, for dat ass

Can't see it unfortunately, It ended up refreshing or even go back to this page

How about this?

It worked now (人*´∀`)。*゚+ the fan fic is interesting ⟵(๑¯◡¯๑)


ill still love this game even if its dead :'D


Its been years :< is this dead?



Hi guys. I've been following the updates since I was 16 waiting for the full game. Now im 21 and my art has developed alot~ If you need any extra hands to help you progress this along, im more than happy to help.



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This has just become a game with a bunch of ppl waiting for it to get updated. So let me ask everyone reading this! How are y'all? How's your day?

,,,,,, could be worse lmao. And you?

repeating the cycle of writing a book online, playing games with friends and eating its good!

I'm glad. Entered into NaNoRenO, and I'm working on the brainstorming. Make sure to have a nice day btw! <3

Good luck! Be proud of your work buddy!

Good luck! Be proud of your work buddy!

Thank you so much! Gonna be working on the theme and basic idea of the game in preparation, lots of ideas going through my head currently.  ❤


looks like the last update was 2018....hope they finish the game..



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Yes exactly what I was thinking


literally after I saw the title I was like, "You're not Technoblade." LMAO


me too


not to be a party pooper, but this is not 'technoblade phrase' (even if he uses it often)

phrase 'blood for the blood god' is initially from warhammer 40k and technoblade probably is/was a fan of warhammer which is why he used it




THATS WHAT I WAS THINKING. i was abt to scroll past and then i saw "blood for the blood god" and i was like "i wonder if techno knows he has an otome game with his tagline"


BAHASHAHA lets hope he doesnt see it


Cute demo and interesting characters. Too bad it's been in hiatus for forever. Hopefully someday it gets finished.


right ;-; I am still waiting but since 2015 I guess...


it's never easy to make a game, but if they been in hiatus for much longer than a year... honestly a year is already pushing it, no matter how busy anyone is, it should be possible to finish the game if care about it. Also i know many friends that been to grad school, there really aren't any excuses, basically it just where you should put your money to, if you want to support any creator make sure they are passionate first, and passion can't be shown through words, only actions.


Well, in some cases it is true. I am making a game and I'm partially disabled and my demo has been out for 3 years and I haven't really had a lot more put out than that minus art and hiring people on DA/upgrading my art. Some people can get super busy and will eventually finish things. I am truly by myself on my game, making everything. I've had 3 surgeries, been diagnosed with 2 mental illnesses, moved twice, had to help with 2 people recover from surgeries, and changed jobs twice including getting into the medical field instead of being a chef all within the span of me releasing my game back in 2017 as a hobby/rehab from recovering from back-to-back arm surgeries. So, it just depends, really. I put out my love for this game in hopes they know people still like it. 

Passion can show through both actions and words. It just depends on each person. Some people can bite off more than they can chew. I did. I created a game with 4 routes, 13 characters, hundreds of thousands of lines of dialogue and it will eventually get done and everything I do is free and a hobby. I am paying people to help better it and will have it done someday even if it takes years. I have hundreds of ideas for more games. I do things for fun even when I am falling apart; I'm covered in braces, I can barely feel my hands, I keep depersonalizing, my vision keeps getting worse, and I hurt like hell yet pain meds do nothing for me so I do art and game making also as a way to cope with my own personal hell. 

Sorry for the rant. Just thought I'd add in my two-cents. ;D  

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What you described is called an "exception", I don't think you can use health reasons, since they are extremely serious and anyone will understand if those are the reasons. So yes if that is the case then yea, there is an excuse. However they did not use health reasons as an excuse, but grad school and other people always use "too busy" as an excuse. "too busy" to me will always sound like, this project is not something I want to use anymore of my limited time for. Passion means that no matter how little time you have, you WILL do it, unless something serious is stopping you from completing it there is no excuses.

Also, I think you don't understand the situation, you are talking about something free, that is just your hobby. Whatever you choose to do is your own thing to deal with, no one will care, unless they are just a huge fan. Also you are even paying people as you said, so actually if you don't finish the work the consequences are totally on you, no one else. Your experiences are very your own type of experiences that have no issues, however with this game, they were taking money on their patreon, good thing they canceled it since they went on hiatus, however, how unfortunate for the people that did supported them for I don't know how long, maybe a few months... either way, people were investing in the "game" not just the demo. When you are taking money from people, at that point your decisions will involve other people, so it would no longer be a situation where you can just do whatever and only you will face the consequences. 

Do you understand my meaning? I honestly get where you are coming from, but I think you didn't take in the fact, a lot of the games that go on hiatus like this or just don't finish, quite a few were asking for pre-order, or taking money by patreons. I supported one creator for a month, but I had to talk to them because I noticed they didn't really communicate a lot about their work, they said a lot of excuses as to why they are so busy just trying to get by in life. That is sad, and I am not trying to belittle their situation in life, but I am paying for a product, I am not going to keep paying for something that I can't even feel confident will be completed. Maybe I could if I was rich and had tons of money I could risk.

Anyway, they maybe will finish, but not sure how many people would want to support them on any other project in future. Besides fans and friends/family, in the business world regular consumers can't afford to be "understanding" and "forgiving" all the time, or we would have no money left XD Sometimes have to be harsh and judge people in business based on past actions.


They have said and I Quote.

"Hello all! I must sadly report that due to the busy schedules of all team members, this game is currently on hiatus with no concrete release date! We thank you for your interest! We are truly invested in this game and hope to continue working on it in the future!

Thank you so much!"

That was posted in 2017.... I hope they start on it again.


I must admit that I didn't expect much from this project...

But I was very surprised to find an unusual concept, interesting and funny characters and really beautiful art.
I do believe the final result will be more than wow...
Looking forward to see this.


Alright so i made a acc just to comment this, bc i called the MC Monika and it said "Doki Doki" which i think was really cool to add!

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i would let blood god murder me again any day. the mc's reaction was really similar to mine when i first saw blood god. if my god looked like that, i would worship him every single second of my life.

the barista (or something? the dude who gives u cake) was also such a cutie ugh. i can't have enough of this game tbh.


This game is too good to stay in VN Purgatory.
I hope they still plan on coming back to it.


I love the game! It's really fun and I can't wait for its final release! BG is best <3

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I'm not sure if this project is still active and thus whether posting a comment is just me shouting into the void, but I (finally) played the demo and figured eh, why not?

+ The art is amazing, not just the character art but the backgrounds as well. I loved the spider lilies in the Blood God's... lair?
+ The humor is genuinely funny, including the more subtle bits like the literally-just-born MC not knowing anything about the butler cafe (or, indeed, social interaction) or the MC pitying Lucifine for living in a junkyard.
+ Non-humor writing is also really good, particularly in the descriptions of the MC gaining consciousness and of the town; I'm looking forward to seeing more of it since the demo was mostly humorous.
+ Characters are immediately distinct and spark interest in interacting with them more.
? Is the MC gender-neutral? I'm cool if that's the case, it's not necessary to specify male/female/etc especially considering the MC is a newly-formed... homunculus?
* At first I thought it was some kind of Warhammer 40K parody game and a part of me is still mildly disappointed that it isn't.
+ Lucifine best boy


hi! so i actually follow the artist (or one of the artists, i know next to nothing about this game) but basically it's been on hiatus for three years, according to them. apparently, their team got busy after they (the artist) started pharmacy school and another member of the team started grad school. but they fully intend to complete it! here's the link to the post that says all this:  

(sorry if it's weird that i answered, but i wasn't sure if crimson-chains was going to answer and i had the answer so why not help)


No no, I appreciate it! I figured it was on hiatus but it's good to know that there's still plans to finish it someday; I'll be following the tumblr just in case. Thanks again for being so helpful!

hi i might just be a lil dumb but this game looks great n im tryna open it on my mac n i cant,,,


Hold Control and right click on the game then choose 'Show Package Contents'.
Then enter the contents folder > MacOS  folder
Then double click on Blood_for_the_Blood_God_Demo and it ought to pop up a notepad with a url (don't copy it) and the window for the game should launch moments after the notepad. that's how I got mine working.


By the way I forgot to mention....I am a developer too! Or will be soon first game is just about complete...but still requires some work.....just check my page.. I will soon finish it and release it👍👍I am working on it....😄

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First: The Hot Damn Blood God & second: or was it lucifine? Samething I guess😅, third:bezel*babe* 😉 and you already know the last one😝 I like them all!!!! I wish I can steal them and put them all in my pocket~🙆😉

When this Amazing game will be finished? Cuz I Love that Hot Blood GOD!!!!!!🙌🙌🙌😆

whos your fave?

I like them All!!!!!!!!! But the Hot Damn blood god Is the bestest best!!!!!!😉

This game - I LOVE IT!!!!! It's amazing!!!

Also I think I have a crush on the Blood God, oops.

When will the final game be released?


I LOVE THE BLOOD GOD! i think that was the strangest thing I've ever wrote but goddammit all he's absolutely perfect


i got conflicted emotions first than anything when he saw me eating the cake on the last screenshot it was so cute that he was scared


Is this game still in the works? I'm aware you said it was on haitus but it's been around a year since the last confirmation so I was just curious if that was still the case.  I'm super interested in this game.


is this a BL game?


The MC is actually gender neutral since it never mentions their gender.

but mc's side pictures always so as female??????????????????


I never thought she looked female.


Did it? o.O

idk if i should make a dating sim. Should I???

yes then send it to me bet you'll make a great one

about to start writing country blues songs about how long we've been waiting ;"0

LOL can i hear one?





I can not wait for it! It looks so good.


super cute

I'm super looking forward to this game! The concept caught me interest right away, the art is incredible, the MC is hilarious and I love everyone. I enjoyed the demo so much -- good luck with production, I cannot wait for the full release of the game!!

This game sounds interesting, but I have to admit I'm a little disappointed it's not Warhammer 40k based, given the title.

I went to the prefundia webpage and was going to fund the game but alas I see no option for it. Is that currently not available anymore?

Also will you be listing this on Steam? I got a laugh out of it and the world needs more of that and would like to encourage it.

Thank you for your time and the game!

Characters' design is astounding ( I am so glad that you chose the MC as androgynous :'D ), and the storytelling is much hillarious for a demo xD

What intrigues me to wait the full version release is the background stories for the demons and your way/intepretation to their original nature. How unexpected that Lucifer's/Lucifine's concept of Pride leads him being a fussy boy who thinks he knows every d*mn things in the world but reign in junk yard?? And how sad that Gluttony of Beelzebub/Beelzebabe dooms his cooking/baking to poisonous meal...

But then, I am a bit confused about Asstaroth origins... is he based on Astaroth, or is he the Asmodeus of Lust sin because of his innocence- flirty - sexy butt  appearance?

And how will the mission affect to Master-Servant relations between MC and Blood God? o.O

That will keep me allert for it release ;)

soooo is this project still on going

On Hiatus
All members have gotten busy with grad school

It's all good. i work with thousand year old bones that can't go anywhere so i forget that other study work piles up :'D

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This comment is 3 years ago; is everything okay? I completely understand if Grad School is still up but, please at least update us! The community misses you guys and need a confirmation if you guys are still working on the project.

emphasis on slow  /j

I CANT WAIT UNTIL THIS IS FINISHED. PLEASE DONT GIVE UP ON IT. I believe in you and I will wait however long it takes! Dumpster boy has stolen my heart I need to meet the boss.

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