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Asstaroth. I'm dead XD

loved the art, but the text font wasn't the best choice in my opinion. But maybe you'll change it in the full game? Anyway, good job ;D

he got dat ass!!! XD

Okay, thanks for the feedback! :D
It's definitely still a work in progress, so, happy to make changes ^w^
I'm really bad with font stuff, do you have any suggestions for what the font should be? :D
Thanks for playing!!! OuO


I swear i've been waiting for the full release for so long that i'm tempted to hold u hostage until you give us the full game :|

Never before was a "Report" button so appropriate. But I feel your feels too :))

hahaha woah now. if i was planning on kidnapping someone, do you really think i'd put it in the comments? x'D and if i did, the game would never be finished :O

It would though. You could basically reenact "Misery"

I know, sorry ^^;;;
All members are currently busy at the moment with school and work!
I'm hoping to be able to get a lot of it done once summer comes around! :D

errrmmm when is your summer? xD ours is still in full swing. it starts in december and ends in june

Sorry!! ^^;;
Our summer is from about May to August XD
SO, another month or so before I can start working on the game more ^^;

The game has good promise. The characters have decent personality and depth, the style is on point (like quite frankly is quite beautiful), and the the playable character is fairly believable (also I love the the cute puny names). Here are some weak points that I think need to be hammered out: 1) sound/music; there is too much dead air time, and the sounds and music that are playing are on seem at points not to match the scence, and have a annoying loop; 2) while believe and having fun personalities, the characters are a little flat, and could use a more rounding out; 3) and overall broadening of the storyline which would obviously be done for a full release.

Thanks thanks! :D
Happy you enjoy the dumb puns and think the art is good ^w^
1) It's because I got all the music from free sites ^^;;; This should be easily solved for the actual game since I have a budget for music and someone who will compose music for this game :D
2) I think that will be solved mostly as you play through their actual routes and get to know them :O
Lucifine is a little puppy at times, Beelzebabe has a very sweet side, and Asstaroth is...well...UNIQUE
There are interesting things to to come for sure with them! :D
3) Yus, there's lot of things to expect in the full game ^w^
each route is very unique, as each bachelor has vastly different lives and goals :3

I like where the stories are going so far. However, I have noticed a few misplaced commas (a couple extra here, one or two missing there, etc) and that "chose" should be "choose" given how your narration is written in the present tense. Do all of the "ends" have a form of redemption later on? For instance, when you're kidnapped by Asstaroth, do you have a chance to still win him over or are you just dead? That would be one really interesting version of the story to see.

Anyways, please keep doing what you're doing and please make sure to double check your spelling and grammar before publishing the full version. I've found that the reading experience is always less enjoyable the more I have to decipher the text, but you guys are off to a pretty good start.

AH, okay, thank you for your feedback! :D
We did edit and double check the writing for the demo, but we never did any beta testing, so, in the actual game all these grammar things should definitely be caught ^w^
I think it will depend on the writer :O
I'm not in charge os Aasstaroth's route, so I don't know where that goes!
In Lucifine's route there is one moment where an answer can doom you if you don't choose an appropriate response to the follow up question P:
Thanks for giving it a try ^w^

This demo is hilarious. I love the differences between the guys. Really looking forward to the full release.

I wrote a bit about the demo itself in my blog:

Oooohm thanks so much for writing about it!!! OwO
That's so nice of you ;w;
and I'm glad that you like the game so much!!! :D
The guys are all pretty unique if you ask me XD

omg i absolutely LOVE this game ,it's so funny but definitely romantic! The only thing that i didn't like as much is that we don't see the dialogue of the character that we play as , actually talking to the other guys. Other than that i REALLY enjoyed the game and i can't wait for the full game

Awwwww, thanks so much ;w;
Ah, noted!
I think there will be more interactions with the guys since you'll be talking to them a lot more :D
Not sure when the game will actually come out, but, thanks for hanging in there with us ;w;

you're welcome and i can wait, even if it is a year or 2 XD

omg that was sooo cool, i cant wait for the full game! ill probably play for every ending when it comes out! and the blood god IS hot, lol. any idea when it'll come out?

and i loved the artwork too, most visual novels have bad artwork but yours was really great. XD Im really hoping to see more of the blood god too. Like maybe a secret route for him? XD

Hello, hello!!! OwO
Aaaaahhhh, so happy that you liked the demo so much!!! ;w;
Unfortunately due to the busy schedule of our writers the game's release date has been delayed and I am uncertain when we will be able to release ;;
ANd ehehehehe, yus, isn't Blood God just the hottest? XD
Thanks thanks!! O///u///O
I am so glad that you enjoyed my art an think it's good X3
And yes, no worries at all! Blood God does have his own route! :D
Thank you so much for your support!!!
Although it may take a while to come out, please keep this game in mind <3

Hello! I am a translator of renpy games. I would like to know if your game is going to be in Spanish...

And if it is not, I want to ask permission to translate the demo into Spanish.

Hello! :D
Sorry for the late reply!
I do have a group who has already contacted me about translating the full game, but not the demo :O
So, I'd be more than happy to grant you permission to translate the demo!

Soooo it's 2017 now :3 you said it'll be done this year :3 how much longer must we waaait lol

I'm sorry!
Unfortunately there has been a long delay due to the busy schedule of our staff. I can no longer give an estimate as to when this game will be out, but please do know we are working on it and have not forgotten!
Thank you for your continued support!

This game is really fun in this short demo alone. I'm excited to see how the story will progress. It's also worth asking if the servants' names are the Blood God's jokes as being a meme-y fuck, to spite other demons or thought of them as good ideas in the first place.

Thanks thanks! OuO
I'm hoping that the full story will be to your liking <3
Hahaha, I'll leave it up to your interpretation~
Whether they serious or it's just Blood God having a good time XD

The humor in this game is outstanding. I enjoy the art, characters, plot, but GOD the humor kills me. In a good way. Even click choices cracks me up, and I'm not even starting on inner monologues! I can't wait to play full game. Keep the good job!

Thank you very much! :D
I personally worry about the humor a lot, I've gotten to the point where I am not able to tell what's funny anymore ^^;;;
So, it's such a relief that you found even the click choices to be amusing!!! <3
The game may take a year or so to come out, but, please don't forget about it >w<

it is amazing

Hehehehe, thanks so much!!! >u<
It means a lot that you liked this game ;w;

*Clicks "Go Home."

"Why would you do that?"


No but seriously I was an asshole to everyone on the assumption that maybe it would carry over and I could at least get a pat on the head, or the ass, really I'm not picky -////- I just wanna love up on da sexy six eyed hunka demon meat is that so wrong???

PS: Dear gods I hope this gets finished soon! Its looks so damn good!!!

Hahahaha XD
But, yus, I can understand wanting to be with the Blood God~
I'm glad that you like him so much X3

Omg, the poor men XD
But, you are doing the Blood God's work, I'm sure he'd be very pleased with you :D

I'm happy that you enjoyed the game! ;w;
Unfortunately there must have been massive delays due to the schedules of our writers and stuff ^^;;;

*Achievement unlocked: Noticed by Senpai* >/////< Hehe I actually forgot I commented and came to check if it was out yet xD But No I totally understand :3 I have no issue with waiting for games especially when it means that the quality will be better for it <3 I actually think it reflects well on the designers/writers/developers when they would rather push something back a bit to make it better than to rush it out half finished for the sake of an arbitrary date. I mean lets be realistic here, I'm going after that demon god booty whenever it does come out regardless ;3

(2 edits)

hi i really like your game i see u make it with renpy do u have any tips and i keeping i killing everyone ;-; and I LOVE how u think like us lol

Awwww, I'm so happy that you enjoyed the game ;w;
Hahaha, the writing and humor for this was something I was worried about, so, I'm glad you enjoyed it so much XD
Ah, I'm very new to Renpy as well ;;
All of the code I use basically comes from visiting the forums often, but, if you have any questions feel free to send me an email :3

the blood god has nothing to do with biblical demons though. it's a specific character from warhammer 40k

this game is so funny and the different personalities of all the characters are interesting and definitely good to be delved into. (plus all the dudes are cute lmao)

can't wait for the full game to be out :)

PS I literally made this account to comment on this game lmao

jfc sorry for commenting a million times but I was wondering how I donate? I might just be being stupid but I couldn't figure out how to do it lmao
I really enjoyed the game (+ the rewards from the tiers helps too)

It's wonderful to hear that you enjoyed the demo so much!!! >w<
Hehehe, all the guys are indeed very unique, so, I hope you will have a fun time with all of theme~
Unfortunately, due to the busy schedules of all involved in this project, the release date has been moved back until around August :O
And, as such, the kickstarter campaign has also been moved back (since I want the game to mostly be done before we start accepting money)
I will make an announcement when the kickstarter is up, thank you for your interest!!!

I want Azzorath to wreck me ???

He might just if you keep being ignorant about what a turtle is XD
Thank you for supporting the game!!!

All the artwork was so cute <3 Super excited for a full version to be released! Favorite character is definitely Lucifine because *damnnn*.

Awww, thank you very much! >w<
Such a pleasure to hear that my art is good ;w;
Full version won't be for another 7 or 8 months, unfortunately, but I hope that once it is out you will give it a go! >w<
Hehehe, Lucifine is a hottie for sure X3

It's not just good, it's amazing >w<

Aww 7 to 8 months :'( It's okay though because I'm glad a full version will come out eventually! I will absolutely give it a go when it comes out and go for my dear Lucifine X3

I've played a lot of visual novel games, but I'm new to beta testing -- but if you ever need my help I'd be happy volunteer it! :) Best of luck!!

I've been meaning to play this demo for a while now and I finally got a chance too! (Imagine that...) Well, needless to say I had a blast! Of course Lucifine will have to be my favorite of the characters. I really did get a kick out of punching him harder. I was on the phone with my bf when I was playing so I was reenacting out loud how I was reading it in my head and his commentary just made me laugh and further enjoy the game. XD (At one point when Asstaroth kidnaps you my bf countered with "You just got ass-napped" I know... it was so lame but so funny at the time)

The art is just lovely. Each character seemed like they fit perfectly into their own scenes which I strongly enjoy in any game. The humor was unexpected, since I like to be surprised and not read any comments beforehand, but not unwanted. I really loved the text.

I can't wait for the full game to come out. :D Keep up the good work.

Waaaaah!!! :DDD
I'm so happy that you got a chance to play the demo and that you also enjoyed it!!! X3
Hehehehe, Lucifine is trash, PUNCH HIM AS HARD AS YOU CAN.
And omg, your boyfriend sounds hilarious~~~~
Seems he was a great addition to the game XD

It's so wonderful to hear that you liked the art!!! I always worry about whether my art is actually good enough to put in a relieved to hear you liked it ;w;
Hehehe, yes, this truly is a not serious game, so, it's good to hear the humor was interesting for you <3

Thanks so much!!!!
Unfortunately full game has been delayed, so it won't be released for another 7 or 8 months DX
I hope you will like it once it is out though!!!

Ok, so I just finished playing the demo, and my favorite character is LUCIFINE! :D

More like...Lucufine~ Amirite? 'Cause, HOT DAMN a friendly(ish) guy who can fight and who looks like that is DAMN FINE. GIMME

Also wondering why Beezle poisoned that cake...Not cool, man.

And I loved the choices in the game~ We finally get a protagonist that can be fully customized based on the choices you make, unlike some otoges (COUGH COUGH) where the choices don't really matter in the end.

Loved the humor, and the art was AMAZING. I really hope that this becomes a full game! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

Thank you so much for your lovely comment OwO
Hehehe, Lucfiine is quite fine, isn't he?~~~
He's definitely a good guy I his own way XD

Beelze has his own reasons, trust me, reasons that will be revealed in the full game ^w^

I'm very happy that you enjoyed the choices!!! OuO
There's definitely some very unique choices to be made~
I hope that the full game will be just as amusing to you X3

The production has been slowed down a bit (due to all members, myself included, suddenly being swamped with school and work responsibilities) but we are working hard to bring you a full game! :D

dude, that demo was amazing. the humor was pleasantly ridiculous and i loved the graphics! so far Beelzebabe is my favorite(he's such a sweetheart!) most of the time i feel neutral about a game but im actually very excited about this!


Thanks so much!!! OwO
I'm so happy to hear that you enjoyed the demo and found both visuals and humor to be on par!!!
Unfortunately it's going to take a while for the entire game to be released, but I hope you will like it as well!!! >w<
Might I ask what your favorite character/part was? :D
Thank you for your support!! <3

1. the " dat ass scene" '3'

2. the try to seem like you approve of the poisonous cake scene.... ^/////^

3. the falcon punch choice. >:3

Those are some of my favorite scenes!! X3
Glad that you liked them as well!!! :D
I hope you will enjoy the full game in the future!!!

how much looonger?? oh ma gaaaaaaaahd


Hahaha, it's going to take another 8 months or so unfortunately ^^;
Thanks for being so patient and I'm happy that you're so excited for the game!!! <3<3<3

T^T I've been waiting so looong omw


So, I thought, 'Hmm, this looks a little charming, maybe a normal cheese VN with hot boys.'

And then 'DAT ASS' happened and I'm in love. This is the game for me.

Here is the video I LPed. I hope you don't mind. I fangirled super hard.

Lawl, this definitely isn't a normal cheese VN XD
Glad that you like the game so far!!! OwO
Ass' does have an ass that one should love <3

Thanks so much for making an LP!!! OuO
It's so incredible to me that you've taken the time to make it ;A;
It sounds like you had a good time with it X3
Thank you so much for playing!!! <3

Okay, this was only a short demo, but it was awesome! The humor is delightful and lewd in a lighthearted way, wich is really pleasant. Lucifine is by far my favorite character - he seem to be totally my type, in a game of that kind at least. I don't know what to think of the Blood God yet, but the one I like the less is Beelzebabe I guess. I have neutral feelings about Asstaroth for now, but I may like him a lot in the full release.

I'm very happy that the game stars a MC with no defined gender - this isn't a very common thing, and I like it!

The only thing that bothers me is the randomness of the answers you can give - the game is mostly unpredictable. This is very funny in the demo, but I fear it'll be a very difficult game with it's full release, since it may be hard to tell what do you need to do to get the ending you want. Well, I guess I'll know that in due time.

Do you have any date approximation for the full release, by the way?

Hello! :D
Wow, thank you so much for playing the game and leaving such awesome feedback!!! ^w^

Hehehehe, Lucifine is pretty fine if I do say so myself~
It's good to hear you enjoyed the humor, I always worry the most about that since I can't even tell if the game is funny anymore, hahah XD
I think that the full game will reveal lots of interesting sides of all the bachelors, so, I hope you will find them all to be fun and engaging when the full thing comes out ^w^
If you want to see a fun pic of Lucifine I recently posted something on the tumblr~

Thank you very much! :D
I thought it would be really interesting and refreshing to have a character without a set gender, so, I'm glad that the sentiment is shared ^w^

That's true and something we will certainly consider for the full game! :D
I've typed a few chapters out and will say that the choices in the full game will be a little more straight forward, although some of them still rather silly. I think the choices will, for the most part, be clear in what might charm your bachelor of choice~
Definitely something we will keep in mind as we go though, thanks for pointing it out! <3

The release date for the full game should be around the beginning of summer, so, about 8 more months?
There will be a kickstarter in winter, about 3 or 4 more months :D


Oh my, that pic is lovely and cute!

And thank you for answering all of my questions! I'll be sure to check the kickstarter - I hope I'll be able to help a bit at that point!

Hehehe, I'm glad that you liked the pic X3
There will be a new fact about one of the bachelors posted every week! :D

No problem, thanks for giving our game a chance!! OwO

Oh my gosh! I loved the one where he kidnapped you just for mistaking a snake for a turtle, like who does that?! It was awesome! I wonder where he took you~!


That's an amazing route, right??? X3
Kaizu, Asstaroth's writer, has an AMAZING sense of humor!
I'm happy that you enjoyed the game so much! >w<
I also am curious about where he took you, but, Kaizu has not revealed the secret~
One thing is for sure though, if you want to be Ass' lover you better know your herpetology!!!

ugh i need to get into the Blood God's pants asap please release the game soon so i can fulfill my life mission

In his pants is a pretty good place to be, gotta admit o3o
Hehe, I'm so happy that you enjoyed the demo so much!!! >w<
I highly respect your mission and wish you much luck when the game comes out~
It should be out in about 9 months and we will have a kickstarter in about 3 :D

I'm totally gunning for the 30$ kickstarter option totally for the artbook I wanted to go for the 100$ but 30$ is already my entire month's allowance :'))))

Omigosh!! OAO
I'm so thrilled that you are considering giving us any money for the kickstarter!!!
I've never made an art book before, so, was wondering what kind of content you'd like to see in it :D
I'd be happy for any suggestions!!! <3

hmm, most artbooks I collect usually feature full chara bios, chara concept art, the official art, chara trivia, the relationship chart, blah blah blah... exclusive art for the artbook only...

Awesome, thanks for your feedback! OwO
I'll be sure to include all of those things~

I was not expecting this game demo to be so very not serious and I loved every second of it. I must say, though, I really liked Lucifine and Beelzebabe. My favorite part had to be with Lucifine, though. I'm a sucker for green eyes, black hair and tattoos.

Through out my play through of this, I couldn't help but think that the Blood God made the main character a little too hormonal. Not a bad thing, though. I like a character that knows what she wants.

In any case, I'll be looking forward to the release date~!

yeah, is very not serious XD
I'm happy that appealed to you! And, yus, Beelzebabe and Lucifine are very good bachelors~
Mmmhm, can see where you are coming from, I definitely designed Lucifine to meet my own aesthetics, good to hear you have the same taste in men XDDD

This is very true, main character gives no shits about their own amorous thoughts~
Glad to hear it's not a turn off :D

Thank you so much for playing and it makes me incredibly overjoyed to hear you liked it so much!! ;w;
Release should be in about 9 months, I hope you will play the full game as well <3

I love this so much and can't wait for the full game d>w<b

I was just wondering if you guys have a rough estimate on how much the game would cost to purchase and if you were thinking of bringing it onto Steam :3?

Wow, thanks so much!!! OwO
I'm so happy that you enjoyed the game!!! >w<
Did you have a favorite part? :D

Ah, yes, we do have an idea about how much it will cost, thanks for asking! o3o
we are thinking about 5 dollars :3
And in January there will be a kickstarter where you can get additional rewards such as name in credits, and even the chance to design a character for the game! ^w^
We are DEFINITELY thinking of putting it on steam!
I already have the game up in the concept section of greenlight and when the game is completed (10 months from now) we will move the game to the actual greenlight area and try to get accepted :D

Thank you so much for playing!!!

(1 edit)

OMG my favourite part was the MC bullshitting at the pet store, all of the choices were amazing XD

All the dialogue and thoughts are hilarious and I can't wait to support it on Kickstarter and up vote on Greenlight :3

(1 edit)

Hehehe, that's one of my favorite parts too XD
And the fact that Ass is ready to MURDER you because you don't know what a turtle is!

Thanks again so much!!! ;w;
If you'd like, you can follow our tumblr and we'll have an announcement when the Kickstarter and Greenlight process begins! :D

Rawr, indeed.

Gotta love a protagonist that doesn't hold back on the fangirling.

Now to wait till this comes out... :'(

Hehehe, it's true, protag gives no shits XD
Ah, yes, the wait will be a little long, we should have it out in 10 months from now hopefully ;w;


Hell, if I saw a sexy demon I would go for it :P

Looking forward to it!

Hahaha, I'd say the same for me as well XD
Sexy demon? HELL YA
I think this game has much to offer for you if you are into sexy demons~

i thought this game was going to be serious. i was wrong. i love this game so much.


Hahaha, yeah, this game is most definitely not serious ^^
Glad that it was still something that you were able to enjoy!!! OuO
I hope that when the full game comes out you will also love it!!! XD
Thank you so much for playing!!!


Awwww, I'm so happy that you enjoyed it!!! >W<
And seem so excited about it as well, your enthusiasm is much appreciated!!! :DDD
I hope you will enjoy the full game when it is out, thank you so much for your support!!!

YAAYY no problem cc: fighting~

(1 edit)
When will the full game be out?

Ah, sorry, this is still a demo ^^;
This is the official demo, so it introduces you to all the bachelors instead of just the Blood God :D
The full game will not be out until next summer at the earliest ^^;
I hope that you will find this demo to be enjoyable though!!

lol which month is your summer? xD hahaha im in south africa so we'll still be in winter till september

Ah, I see!!! XD
Our summer begins in June :D
So, about 10 more months? :3

This is so awesome!!! I can't choose a favourite!! Lucifine being weirdly adorable, the blushing conflicted emotions ending, and...well...DAT ASS XD all the routes had me flailing around fangirling one minute, then crying with laughter the next! This is one of the most unusual and interesting dating sims I have ever played, I can't wait for the full thing!!! ^^ THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for creating such a great game, I NEED to see more of these characters!! :3

Awwwww, thank you so much!!! ;w;
I'm happy to hear you found the game to be so enjoyable~
Hehehehe, it's hard to choose, isn't it??? XD
The bachelors all be so good! :D
It's good to know you thought the game was interesting o3o
Our team really wanted to create something...well...memorable XD
The full game will be out at the earliest by next summer and we will have a kickstarter with special rewards like DLC routes and costumes up in the winter :D

hahah well it is definately memorable!! XD I can't wait for next summer!! I love the art style too, I want to get into illustration and this has been a major inspiration!! The writing is brilliant too hilarious and heartwarming in perfect balance! :3 THANK YOU SO MUCH AGAIN!!!


I adored this omfg, i am trying not to die but demanding Ass' ass has me literally in tears i can not.


Hurrah!!! :D
I'm so happy that you enjoyed the demo!!! ;w;
It's really awesome that you found it to be so funny!!!
I always worry about the humor ^^;


OMG Lucifine is so cute, and the heartwarming ending had me squeeing like you wouldnt believe although the babe's conflicted emotions ending was kinda funny too LOL, i cant wait for this game, gimme the kickstarter already!


Awwww, thank you so much!!! ;A;
Hehehehe, I'm happy you think Lucifine is cute, I was hoping he'd be kind of a weirdly adorable guy when you get to know him XD
He likes you so much! O3O
Yes, the babe!!! SEDUCE THE BABE
It's really so wonderful to hear you enjoyed the game that much!!! <3
Kickstarter will probably be launched in January :D
In the meantime, you can find updates (side characters revealed, additional art, etc) on our official website and/or our tumblr page!


oh man, dont be surprised if this VN becomes super popular in the ball joint doll community now LOL, i shared it to my facebook and a VERY well-known and popular faceup artist fell in love with it and is spreading it all over... also someone recently asked if anyone had art of their dolls and i posted the picture of akira you drew for me... needless to say ive noticed several ball joint doll people suddenly mentioning the name 'crimson chains'... you have been warned!


E-EH!!??? O_O
Is that so???
Woah, thank you SO MUCH for helping to spread the word!!!
It really helps and I am so grateful!!! ;A;
I'm also quite surprised by happy that a well known artist appreciates the game, could you send me a link to them? O_O
Oh, woah, hold up...are you Lovelessbutterfly??? OAO
I feel a little embarrassed, but I'm happy you still treasure it and that others like it as well ;w;


LOL yes im lovelessbutterfly (my internet names are always lovelessbutterfly or reisuke or little-reisuke depending on what strikes my fancy when i join a website and whats not already taken LOL) and i still have the pic of akira in a frame... and the one of sai and kuragi LOL!

and shes a doll faceup artist so she paints the faces of dolls, im not sure how she is as a regular artist LOL but heres her webpage for her faceups so if you want you can look over the gallery and see what she does although i know her as dominique on facebook. XP (also four of the heads and four of the fantasy parts shown in her gallery ATM are actually my dolls, just felt like bragging for a sec LOL!)


Thanks so much!!! OwO
And good to talk/see you again! XD
Hahaha, I'm so flattered you still have that art even though it's so old at this point ;w;
The dolls look really cool!!! o3o


I absolutely love Lucifine! I can't wait for the game to come out :D


Lucifine is a precious Trash child XD
I'm happy that you like him!!! OwO
Game will take a bit, probably next June will be out :D
But you can follow updates on the official website or tumblr!!!


This is absolutely incredible and well put together so far! Got my eyes on that Blood God B)))) mmf


Hurrah!!! :DDD
So glad that you enjoyed the game!! ^w^
Lots of good stuff to look forward to, I promise!!! :D
Lawl, and yuuuuus, Blood God is pretty MMMF!
He's got his six eyes on you~

Thank you so much for playing the game!!! OwO


Hello yes I love this demo and I can't wait for it to come out thank you for this masterpiece

The humor is absolutely spot on by the way


Hehehehe, I'm so happy that you enjoy the humor!!! >w<
I honestly can't tell if it's funny anymore, so it means SO much to hear you like it!!! <3
Thank YOU for playing it and supporting our efforts! :D
The game won't be out for another year or so, but until then you can look for updates on our official website or our tumblr!

(1 edit) (+1)

BLOOD GOD! here i come to serve you !!!!


(awesome game btw)


Hehehehe, I'm happy that the Blood God has your support!! <3
Thanks so much for playing!!! ;A;


This made me so happy, I honestly can't wait for the full game


Awwwww, I'm so happy that you like it!!! >///w///>
Will take a bit for full game to come out, but I hope it will be to your liking! :D

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