A downloadable game for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux

Warning! Explicit language

Blood for the Blood God is a Dating sim in development. Here is the gag demo which will give you a feel for the art and humor of the game. The actual game will have 4 bachelors who you can woo or kill. In this gag demo you only meet the Blood God. There are 4 different endings, but the game should only take you 10 minutes to play.

Since this game is in very early stages please leave feedback so that we may enhance play experience in the future!
Thank you very much!

The official demo will be available in as early as mid June or as late as early July, please look forward to it! You can find more information on the official website


If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment or contact me through email!

Our Prefundia page is up and you can see screenshots from the official demo!
There's also information on potential kickstarter tiers, please feel free to leave feedback!


More information

Published201 days ago
PlatformsWindows, Mac OS X, Linux
TagsAnime, blood-god, Dating Sim, demo, Otome
Player countSingleplayer

Install instructions

The file must be unzipped, afterwards, you will click on the only icon which is an application file type. Then you should be good to go! If there are any issues feel free to contact me!


Blood_for_the_Blood_God_Demo-1.0-all.zip (34 MB)


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*inhale* marry me

Hahahaha, I'll take that as meaning you enjoyed the game XD
Glad it was to your liking!!! <3
If you haven't played it already the official demo is also out ^w^
Thank you for supporting us!!!

I made an account just to comment. ;-;

You are a blessing to the planet, you gosh darn beautiful hooligan.

Hahaha, I feel so blessed that you enjoyed the game so much! <3
Pffft, "beautiful hooligan" has to be the best nickname ever!!!
How lovely~

I hope that you will also like the official demo! :D
You can find it under my account if you are interested~

I played both demos, all options.

Can't wait to kill da booty for the almighty blood god.

Rest in pepperonis.

Oh, woah!!! : OOO
thanks so much for all your support and for playing both games!!! <3
Hehehe, yes, that booty needs to be punished...BY YOU! XD

Pffft, rest in pepperonis, I like your style XD
Btw, if I'm allowed to ask, did you have a favorite character/scene? :D
Thanks again for playing!!! <3<3<3

My favorite scene is definitely with Lucifine.


Lost my shit.

Also the small quick peck in the prologue by the blood god. B^) So he does care.... huehuehuehue....

But for real though, out of all, my favorite parts is just seeing the art @_@ I'm an artist myself, but no where near this beautiful ;3;

Still learning how to use my cintiq... and SAI. Are you self taught? ;3;

I'm happy that you enjoyed that part, it was probably my favorite one to write XD
And yes, Blood God does care about you...at least a little XP

Awwww, you're so nice >w<
I worry a lot about my art, so, it's amazing to hear you liked it so much!!!
I am self taught, I used SAI to begin with, now I use Clip Studio Paint :D (when it goes on sale it's a lot cheaper than photoshop)
A Cintiq, that's so nice!!!! OuO
Do you have a link to your art? I'd love to see it :3

Oh my gosh. (╥﹏╥)

My art is kinda embarrassing, I'm inconsistent with my coloring and such still trying to develop.

I am trying to develop my art to be kinda like yours is but my brain just does not want to compute. Lolol. I'm still trying to figure myself out ;3;. I'm not very active on Deviant art, but here is the jist of it. Basically past the little green hair pastel character was before I got my tablet.

;3; I'm sort of happy with my style.. it's just the coloring and anatomy. so hard to learn (╥﹏╥)


Wow, I think your stuff!!! :D
The coloring on Aticus is really lovely, I especially like the hair! OuO
Hahaha, anatomy is always super hard, I can totally relate XD
But, you look like you're going in a great direction!!!


I died by giving him doughnuts, and I must say:

This demo, and eventually this game too, will be a blessing upon this planet.

I will given my blood to the blood god because YES.


Ahahaha, I'm happy that you liked it so much! >w<
Yes, become part of the Blood God cult! >:D

But, in all seriousness, I hope that you'll enjoy the official demo and the eventual real game when it comes out! :D

I... love this game, blood god became my husbando :D

will gladly kill for him!

Hurray!!! XD
So happy to hear that you enjoyed the game!!!
Blood God would be a good husbando I think X3
I hope that you will enjoy the official demo when it comes out in 2 weeks! :D

nope! thanks you for making the game actually!

this was a really enjoyable demo! got all four endings, and im looking forward for more content! lowkey in love with blood god lol

keep up the good work! owo

Oh wow, thanks so much!! >w<
It's wonderful to hear you liked the game enough to look forward to more! :D
Hahaha, the official demo will have a slightly different vibe since it's more story driven, but, I think the humor is the same ^w^

Hell yeah, Blood God is the sexiest, right? XD
Glad that you like his design and stuff! OuO

The official demo should be out by July 5th!

That was amazing. I don't think I've laughed that hard at a dating sim ever.

The artwork is lovely! The humor is amazing! I need more!

I'm also very happy that there is a blinking animation for the Blood God. When I saw the sexy man with six eyes I was hoping there would be blinking animation; I was not disappointed! Thank you!

Awwwww, thank you so much!!! OAO
It means so much to hear that you thought it was so funny!!!! >u<

Thanks, I worry about the art sometimes, so it's a relief to hear you liked it so much! OuO
And hehehehe, I was hoping the humor would be appealing X3

Awesome!! ouo
I definitely looked into how to make blinking animations for this since I thought it would look nice!
It's really cool to hear you liked the animations and that you even looked forward to it!!! :3
HEHEHEHE, Blood God is indeed sexy, right? XD
Glad that his character design was to your liking!
The official demo should be out by July 5th, I hope you will look forward to it! :D

To be honest, I didn't just like the Blood Gods character design, I LOVED it. It made me really happy to see a character that will be romanceable with a more "monstrous" appearance. I don't see that often, so for someone like me who is into more monstrous looking characters, I am super excited. Thank you!

The other characters have good designs as well! They are all very nice to look at. (I am also in love with the names punny names!)

I am very much looking forward to the official demo! I can't wait to see what the stories will look like!

I'll also be on the lookout for the opportunity to support the full game. There is a kickstarter (or something similar) planned for this correct? I would love to be a backer!

Awwww, so great to hear!!! >w<
Hehehe, i am also in favor of more monstrous looking characters XD
6 eyes are an automatic win for the sexiness factor~
I'm glad you like the names as well, those are my pride and joy XD

Awesome, I do hope you will enjoy the official demo! OwO

And, yes, we will have a kickstarter some time in the future! :D
Right now we don't plan to start our campaign until more of the actual game is finished, but we do have a prefundia page where you can preview out goal, rewards, and screenshots from the official demo! :3
I'd really appreciate if you would give us feeback about the rewards and goal if you have the time ^w^


Got 4 different endings. Each was humorous, and I'm sad it was so short! I can't wait for the full demo to see this in action.

Hehehe, it makes me so glad to hear you liked the endings and the humor! >//w//<
Fear not, the full demo should be available in just a couple of weeks! :D
In the mean time, you can visit our Prefundia page to see screenshots from the official demo as well as see the possible rewards that are possible for donating to the game! :3

Too funny... ahahahaha!

Hurray!!! OuO
So happy you found it amusing!!! >w<
I hope that you will also enjoy the official demo when it's released :D
Thank you for giving this game a chance! :>

This demo though..... I want to play the full version now, I hope it'll be as hilarious as the demo, I can't wait

Awww, I'm happy that you liked it!!! :D
The official demo is nearing completion!!! OuO
It's a little more story driven than the gag demo, but I think the humor is very much the same!
Thank you again for downloading this game!!

Loved it XD

You guys are planning to do a Full Version right???

Hurray!!! :D

Glad that you liked it!! ^w^

Yes, we are planning to do a full version, tenative release ate is December 2017 :D

The official demo where you can meet all the guys will be out in a month at the latest!

You can visit www.Bloodforthebloodgodblog.wordpress.com for all your blood god needs! :D


<3 <3 <3

I Didn't like it, I Loved it XD

Such a long wait, but sounds worth it XD

Blood for the blood god, Skulls for the skull throne.

I'm trying to Download it now, I'm really looking forward to it! I'll let you know my Feedback when I'm done! Thank You!